Kanika Choudhary

“I believe in catering tailored made intervention as every client is different and humans should be seen differently no one is exactly same even coming from same environmental background, so rather than solely relying on manualised intervention i believe in catering a good combination of both the aspects tailored made to the needd of the client from a manualized intervention designed to achieving that need, in manner most suited to the particular client
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Experience : 2 Years
  • Languages : English, Hindi
  • Charges : 1200 INR
Done intensive course on SFBT by ASFAR accademy, workshop by Dr bateman on Mentalisation based therapy organised by green oak initiative, Bangalore, been a part of many workshops and seminars both national and international front on trauma focused therapy and trauma informed therapy currently getting trained in emotion focused therapy and attachment related interventions
For me essence of Psychotherapy could be found in therapeutic relationship which act as safe haven to clients which promote curiosity to explore their surroundings usually affected because of trauma or mental illness, where client could visit or revisit their fears or deep seated emotional struggle if they want to or they could explore the current stressful or difficult situational factors together with the therapist as an opportunity with an eye of criusity and compassion Its working on self together with therapist Its like when plant is sown in soil initially it require fences around or a pot where it is initially put till that plant turned into a tree and does not require fences around for protection because now it has its roots deep in the soil protecting itself and spreading its branches around here the fense or pot does not grow for the plant, the plant has to grow on its own where the fence or pot provide direction and environment more sustainable for growth and your therapist could be that fence and or pot for you, empowering growth.